The Management and staff of Regency Apartments welcome you. The information provided here is for tenants who are residing in the studio apartments on the ground floor, 1 or 2 bedroom apartments on level 2 and the units on level 3. It applies to you if you have signed a residential tenancy agreement (Class 2) or if you are staying in a section zoned Class 3. Please take time to read this information to ensure that you have an understanding of your responsibilities as a tenant. It is expected that all guests and residents are responsible for using the property in a safe and responsible manner.

Please advise the hotel manager if you will be away from your apartment for any length of time. This is necessary should we need to contact you about an emergency. Please advise the hotel manager of your contact details of where you will go and the duration of time you will be away. It Is your responsibility to ensure that your rental payments are kept up to date.

You may only enter another tenant’s apartment if you have their consent. If you do not have approval and you are found to be trespassing, the relevant authorities will be notified and you may be charged with a criminal offense. You should take care to lock your apartment at all times.

Alcohol is permitted on the property but we encourage you to consume it in a responsible way and to take care not to cause any damage to the building. The shared area’s are monitored by security camera’s and any person found to damage the property will be financially responsible for its repair if it is found to be as a result improper actions.

Bicycles are not to be stored in the apartments or in the hallways. Please ask the hotel manager to show you where you can lock your bike up.

You may use candles and incense in the apartments but it should be understood that if you set off a smoke detector for a period of time that causes the fire brigade to attend the property you may be charged a fee.  If you damage the apartment in any way due to the improper use of candles and or incense you will be financially responsible.

You are responsible for keeping your apartment clean and purchasing the products required to clean it. Room inspections will occur from time to time and you will be properly notified beforehand. We have an in-house cleaning service that can be scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Please ask the hotel manager for more information. If it is found you are in breach of your agreement you may be charged for us to return the apartment to a clean state. When you move out you will need to ensure the apartment is cleaned thoroughly. If at final inspection it is determined that the apartment needs to be professionally cleaned because it is not left in a reasonable state the fee will be deducted from your bond. You may ask the hotel manager to check it before the final inspection so that if there is anything that needs to be attended to you may do so before the final inspection.

Please direct any complaints to the Hotel Manager. He or she will take care to address your complaints in a timely manner. All complaints will be treated as private and confidential. You will be advised at all times what the process of handling your complaint is and how long it should take to be resolved. Your complaint will be recorded in writing and you will be given a copy. There is no charge for submitting a complaint. If it is found that the complaint is directly related to your agreement, we will act in accordance with the regulations of the residential tenancies act. Office of Consumer and Business Affairs, Tenancies Branch @ Level 1, 91 – 97 Grenfell Street, Adelaide. Phone 8204 9544 between the hours of 8.30am and 4.45pm on weekdays.

Residents agree not to bring into the apartment or keep therein any of the following:

  • Animals of any description, including birds, fish, and reptiles.
  • Appliances for making alcoholic beverages.
  • Explosive substances.
  • Flammable substances.
  • Illegal drugs.
  • Noxious substances.
  • Weapons.

You may decorate your apartment within our guidelines. You may not obstruct the smoke detectors or fire safety equipment in any way. This means you may not cover the smoke detector, hang anything from it. You must not affix anything to the walls such as sticky stars, nails, double sided tape, glue, paint, thumbtacks, needles or any adhesive substance. You will be responsible for any damage to the walls.

Drugs and illegal substances are strictly forbidden and against the laws of Australia. If you are found to be using drugs or allowing another person to consume them in your apartment we will contact the relevant authorities and your agreement will be terminated.

The cost of electricity is not included in your room rent. Electricity will be billed to you on your monthly invoice.

Electrical items must be maintained in good and clean operating condition and must be tested. You may use extension cords and adaptors but they must comply with safety standards. Do not use double adaptors. If we find that you are using an excessive amount of power boards you will be asked to rectify the situation. You are only allowed to use one power board per socket. Appliances with open heating elements such as hot plates and electric bar heaters are prohibited. You may network computers but only in your own apartment and cables must not run over areas that people walk over.

Tell the operator who you need – fire, police or ambulance. Then wait to be connected. When reporting an emergency by calling 000, the telephone number and address you are calling from may be given to the emergency service so they can respond quickly. If you don’t want the number or address details passed on, then you must call the service required, directly. For non-urgent calls to Police please call – 131 444. ALL CALLS TO 000 ARE VOICE RECORDED. The voice recordings may be disclosed to emergency service organisations and as otherwise authorised by law.

In the event of a fire the alarm bells will ring. The lift is not to be used. You should make your way calmly downstairs to the ground floor and await instructions. When you move in you will be advised by the hotel manager how to safely exit from your room. There are maps clearly displayed which show you the direction you should exit by. Please make yourself familiar with them. Regular checks will be performed to ensure that all shared areas are free from clutter. All rubbish should be removed regularly.

Fire fighting equipment (where applicable) has been installed throughout the apartment buildings. Exit signs indicate the fire escapes. Tenants should make sure they know where the fire equipment and exits are located. Do not touch any of this equipment unless a fire has started.

You are not allowed to remove any furniture, fixtures and fittings from the apartments. If a situation arises where furniture is to be moved from one apartment to the other, approval must be gained from the hotel manager. Any damages to furniture will be deducted from the security deposit. If you want to install new furniture into your apartment you must contact the hotel manager who will consider each request on a case by case notice. The hotel manager will not allow apartments to become crowded due to safety issues.

You are not permitted to gamble in Australia unless you are at a licensed premise. There is strictly no gambling allowed at the apartments.

You must remove rubbish from your apartment daily. Please ask the hotel manager when arriving where to put it.

You may invite a short-term gust to stay with you by advising the hotel manager. You are responsible for their behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour from your guest may result in proceedings being taken to terminate your lease. If it is found that you have an un-authorised guest you may be in breach of your agreement. Under no circumstances are you allowed to sub lease any section of your apartment.

You may not store any hazardous materials in the apartment. If management finds a tenant has a hazardous substance in their apartment, it will be removed safely at a cost to the tenant.

Keys to your apartment will be issued at check in time. Keys are not to be duplicated. If your key is lost or stolen, the manager will need to assess if lock needs to be replaced. If this situation occurs it will cost you between AU $120.00 and AU $250.00 (depending on the lock type) for a replacement lock. If keys only need to be replaced they will cost between AU $25.00 for a standard key. Never lend your keys to another person. You must return your keys at the end of your lease.

There is a laundry room located on the ground floor. Please enquire to the manager for the cost. Please do not leave your washing unattended. If clothing is found in a washer or dryer for an extended period of time it will be removed by management. You will need to see the hotel manager if this happens so they can return it to you. You must not hang your washing on your balcony.

FOR ALL AFTER HOURS LOCKOUTS THERE IS A $80.00 CHARGE. After hours applies prior to 9:30am and after 5:30pm each business day (Monday – Friday) every Saturday, Sunday and all public holidays.

Mail is collected and keep it at reception for you to collect.

If you have a maintenance request please submit it to the office manager.

Please use the microwave oven safely and correctly. If you damage the microwave through improper use you will be asked to pay for a replacement.

If you have asked to relocate to another vacant apartment you may be charged a re-letting fee of up to 2 weeks rent depending on the circumstances.

Inspection of your unit will be carried out after all your belongings have been removed. The costs to repair any damage will be deducted from your Security Bond. This could include painting of marked walls or doors, replacing marked or damaged bench tops, removal of carpet stains, internal window cleaning, cleaning of window dressings, oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, replacement of sink plugs, broken light fittings, cleaning or repair to fabrics on sofa and/or office chairs, broken electrical items, damaged furniture, missing kitchen utensils, missing crockery, cutlery or electrical items etc. Tenants may be charged $21.95 for the replacement of dirty/ mouldy shower curtains unless one has been provided upon leaving.

“Unreasonable noise” will not be tolerated. This means any sound which inteferes with the ability of other tenants to sleep, study or quietly enjoy their living environment. Please pay particular attention to noise levels during examination periods.

Where infestations of pests are found to have been introduced by resident, this may result in charges being levied for the costs of the eradication of the pests. No pets of any kind (including birds, fish or reptiles) are permitted in any Student Living Australia managed apartment, building or room

Your rental payments are to be made in reception or to the apartment bank account. Details provided upon request.

Your security bond is refundable at the end of your tenancy agreement provided that all the furniture and equipment is accounted for, there is no damage to the property for which the resident is liable, the apartment is reasonably cleaned, carpets and floor coverings are reasonably cleaned and that rent and any sundry charges are fully paid. If these conditions are not met a claim may be made from your bond. All rent must be paid up to your termination day. No rent or sundry payments will be deducted from your security bond unless prior arrangements have been made.

Most apartments/bedrooms have been fitted with fire and smoke detection. Please do not touch the smoke detectors.

The Apartments are NON SMOKING. This includes all apartments, Smoking is only allowed on the rooftop shared area and the balconies.